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Baubles by ReDpants is a premier embroidery and monogramming shop. We specialize in offering the latest font and motif options for your designs. Most of the fonts and motifs can be embroidered on the pieces in the SHOP section.


If there is something you don't see, let me know (I am sure that I have it!)


1) Choose your font. 

The font options that best fit the style you choose will be listed in the style description. 

2) Choose your thread color or colors. 

Some font designs require two or more color options. Please list them as primary, secondary, and so on.

3) Your text.

Include your name, phrase, or initials in the order that you want them embroidered. 

Standard monogramming is as follows:

  • PERSONAL MONOGRAMS (FIRST name initial, MIDDLE name initial, LAST name initial)

  • COUPLE'S MONOGRAMS (HUSBAND's first name initial, couple's SURNAME initial, WIFE'S first name initial)

    • The above also applies to personal monograms as well. ​

  • If there is no middle name, please include the initials for the first and last name. Please note that not all fonts may not work for two-letter initials.

Honestly, there are no rules! The abovementioned is a standard guideline to get you going. If you have questions, please message me or email me at


Colorful Thread
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